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"If it's not fun you're doing it wrong."
-George Di Carlo

Smart Start Program

Tutoring for Grades 1-8*

Our unique customized one to one program focuses on building skills, confidence and making your child an effective and independent student. Trained certified teachers create lesson plans for each lesson based on the child’s needs, abilities and unique goals. We teach according to the Ontario standards and understand what schools want!  We work with classroom teachers to ensure a flawless transition between the classroom and our program.  Give them a “Smart Start” to their education. One to one for the same price as most 3-1 programs!  Sign up today!! 

Senior Grad Program

Tutoring for Grades 9-12 *

Our high school students benefit from a program that is customized for their own unique needs in ANY subject area.  Royal Academy teachers are trained certified Ontario teachers who understand high school standards and will teach to the curriculum.  We believe in homework support, guided practice, and helping our teens learn a more effective way of managing their workload.  Concentration, note taking, test preparation, exam outlines, essay writing, as well as review and editing checklists are just some of the basic program components.  One to one for the same price as most 3-1 programs! Sign up today!!  Making the students of today leaders of tomorrow!

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"Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.""
- George Evans

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"I'm not a teacher, but an awakener.""
- Robert Frost

Math Masters Program

Grades 2-6

These group math workshops are designed to improve speed, proficiency, understanding and overall confidence in all math strands. If you have a child that struggles with math concepts and have yet to find an effective medium to help, enrol them in this series.

How do we do it? We have a program that will take your child step-by-step through the building blocks of math. Our certified teachers will ensure their questions get answered and that math concepts are solidified before moving on to the next stages. Whether its speed and accuracy with multiplication and division tables, or understanding the concepts of probability, we can help and this program WORKS!